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Default Re: AMD has decided to extend AM3+ platform life.

Yeah, I was leaning in the Asus and Gigabyte direction. In particular, I like Asus, have used them for years, trust them and swear by them. I had a Gigabyte once a while back when I first went AMD. It was garbage. Switched to an Asus and loved it. I hear the new Gigabyte boards are solid stuff though.

I checked Asus Crossair V Formula. Looks like an awesome board although a bit on the pricy side. I own a Creative PCI-E XFi based sound card so the onboard sound isnt' that big of a deal to me. I'm also checking out the Asus Sabertooh 990FX. Looks like a solid board as well. I think if I were buying now, I'd grab one of these.

I'll actually be upgrading in at least 4 months. Plenty of time to change my mind. Also a lot of time for manufacturers to release new boards as well.
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