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Default Falcon 4 Lives on....

If you haven't heard BMS 4.0 Released over the long weekend. Most don't know about it because it's been underground for some time now. In the last 2 years there has been a few rumored videos flying around youtube showing off some of the new features. The main one being a new graphics engine. Falcon 4 is now a DX9 game that features real time lighting HDR Bloom and ****pit shadows Ala Cliffs of Dover and DCS A10. It also sports a brand new clickable 3D pit will full 6DOF support.

One of many new features is a completely rewritten online code. One of my many dreams was to get a handful of people playing in the Campaign mode. For years most have used Tactical Engagement Mode which is great for a well designed mission but you just can't bet the immersion factor of the campaign.

Links are Fixed!

You will need the original Falcon 4 Disk to install the game but it doesn't use any of the files from it. Allied Force doesn't work.

Here is a pretty kick butt demo showing off some of the new features.

Another nice one...
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