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Default NVidia 173.x driver and FreeBSD 8


I have a system with a NVidia FX 5800, a graphic board that needs of the legacy nvidia-driver 173.x version.

I need to migrate to FreeBSD 8. I installed the driver using the port and everything was fine, but...
I noticed that with FreeBSD 8 graphic performance is poor and I start to investigate why.
I downloaded the last driver version (173.14.31) from the NVidia's ftp server and I recompile it without lucky.
I discovered that NVIDIA doesn't support *officially* FreeBSD8 with this version and ports Makefile remove the check about FreeBSD version from nv-freebsd.h

My question is: why NVidia doesn't support FreeBSD8 if it successfully compiles? Maybe because the driver has poor performance and they don't want to maintain/fix it?

Thank in advance for your help!
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