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Default Display Driver Crash Was Aero All This Time?

Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding, but has succesfully recovered.

I'm sure alot of you may have been playing a game, watching a movie, or simply browsing the web only to have your screen go black for a moment then come back with the above error on occasion or maybe all the time like myself. Over the span of probably 8 different video cards starting with the 7800 series to the GTX 570 I have now and 2 completely different systems I have experienced this error many times, to the point where I pretty much couldn't play any games without it happening in a few min. I even traded in video cards for new ones by either selling/rebuying or RMA and it would seem to fix it for awhile then eventually happen again. I would format C: and reinstall Windows 7 (or Vista the first time I started having this issue was when Vista came out) to no avail. I swapped memory or went down to 1 chip to no avail. I removed all my overclocks and even downclocked my GPU and ram to try and fix and didn't help. I was really puzzled when I recently got rid of my old Q9650/4GB DDR2/Asus P5B/GTX 285 PC completely and replaced it with a new i7 960/12GB DDR3/Asus P6T/GTX 570 setup, case, power supply, and all and it worked perfect for weeks then suddenly the same issue cropped up. I couldn't play any game for more than a few min and this would happen, or sometimes even simply browsing a website it would happen. I RMA'd the EVGA GTX 570 and bought a new Gigabyte 570 and it too was fine for awhile.

Over and over I read others having this issue and I had seem various possible fixes, and one simple one that I had read over and over was to simply disable Windows Aero in the control panel. I had thought that was so silly so I never had done it, besides I love the glassy look that Aero gives Windows. This weekend I was playing Brink (ya I know it sux to many but it was my first play and I actually enjoyed it) and the problem started happening again! Frustrated I looked online once again as it had been some time since I looked, and there again I read somebody stating that disabling Windows Aero fixed it. I still thought that sounded dumb and hated to get rid of the sexy Aero look but tried it anyway and well, it seems to have completely fixed the problem!?

So I'm confused, how is it that there are so many people out there seemingly who do NOT have this issue ever and I'm pretty sure most or all of them have Aero enabled since it is by default, yet I had this problem with any hardware I bought? The only thing I can think of that may be different than other setups is I have a dual monitor setup which I probably did get somewhere around the time I had my 8800GTS card and have had since. Could it have something to do with this? Anybody else fighting or fought this and have any thoughts about my situation? I'll gladly leave Aero disabled now since it seems to have fixed the issue, but it completely baffles me, and I'm a long time computer geek and sys admin for a living but this is just a wierd one to me.

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