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Default HDMI audio eradicates other sound devices?

My motherboard has a CK804 native audio system that works perfectly when I use the
nouveau driver for my GeForce GT 430 (but, of course, I only get 2D graphics).

When I install the nvidia binary drivers (from for fedora 15 64 bit), the HDMI audio
support seems to take over and won't let go. No amount of tinkering with pulseaudio settings
seems to generate a peep from the CK804.

Finally, I found the gimmick for editing the EDID info from my TV and telling the nvidia driver that
my TV has no HDMI support (which it doesn't, because I'm using a DVI->HDMI cable which
doesn't pass the audio - I don't think it does, anyway).

When I do that, everything is finally OK.

Is completely disabling the CK804 really supposed to be a side effect of initializing HDMI audio?
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