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Default Re: Hard Reset - Press Demo

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
Holy crap! I want more!

That was genuinely fun. If the rest of the game is like that, I will gladly spend $30 on this game. It's money well spent and well deserved for the developers.

It's also very refreshing to play a game that looks beautiful and runs perfectly on my current system. I have a feeling I won't be so lucky with Battlefield 3. My system is coming up on 2 years old, and after the beating it took from Metro 2033, I'm so glad Hard Reset utilizes Unreal Engine 3 so well. The lighting is very ambient and looks beautiful. The graphics are breathtaking. Very cyberpunk-ish. I like it a lot.

BTW, I have this game maxed @ 1920x1200. It never dropped below 50 FPS during the demo. FANTASTIC!!!
i really think you'll be fine for BF3.
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