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Default Re: 3870 vs GTS 450

Originally Posted by EciDemon View Post
The Gtx 260 and Gts450 may have same amounts of shader cores, but the 260 got twice the memory bandwidth and higher fillrate as well.

Seems to me that the 3870 and the gts 450 is more equally matched then the 450 and gtx 260 is at least on paper.

And while there may be some cpu limitation going on, that isn't the problem here as I got similar setup as this guy does and I saw a very nice performance boost going from the gtx 260 as in the sig to a gtx 560ti in 1080p gaming.
You have upgraded to a card which isn't that much of an upgrade from the previous.
except benchmarks put it on par with a GTX 260 196 or just barely under it. Its right between the GTS250 and GTX260 usually closer to the 260. The HD3870 is supposed to be 50-70% slower.
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