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Default A new Castlevania pretty much confirmed for 3DS

Unfortuately, rumor has it that it won't CV fans won't be happy with the direction the series is going to go in, which is a shame because the last time a metroidvania game came out was in 2008 (Order of Ecclesia) as well as the fact that I generally don't like series to change (although RE4 was an excellent departure from the original formula, and SoTN itself was a departure from the original formula). However, if IGA does it (I don't know whether he is though), then I'll probably be happy with the direction it goes in, although it would great if IGA's canon was completed.

If IGA is director, then it will be the only game I'll buy a 3DS for. However, if they have the Lords of Shadow team (or another team) do it, then I'm not going to play it.
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