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Default Re: startx causes kernel OOPS on Fujitsu D2618-C1 mobo, debian, many kernels & driver

Thanks sandipt and artem for your posts. Recall that I can't start X on the machine, so I couldn't simly run nvidia-settings.

I compiled nvclock 0.8b4 with the following results:

# /opt/local/bin/nvclock -i
It seems your card isn't officialy supported in NVClock yet.
The reason can be that your card is too new.
If you want to try it anyhow [DANGEROUS], use the option -f to force the setting(s).
NVClock will then assume your card is a 'normal', it might be dangerous on other cards.
Also please email the author the pci_id of the card for further investigation.
[Get that value using the -i option].

# ./nvclock -i -f
-- General info --
Card: 		Unknown Nvidia card
Architecture: 	GC0 A3
PCI id: 	0x0
GPU clock: 	-2147483.750 MHz
Bustype: 	PCI

-- Memory info --
Amount: 	0 MB
Type: 		128 bit SDR
Clock: 		-2147483.750 MHz
Not good... This combined with the strange stall during boot indicates that the card is not properly detected, right? But where on earth am I tripping here. I've installed a dozen NV-boards on as many rigs without any issues like this...

Here's a repost of the beginning of the kernel dump associated with trying to start X (and hence presumably hit the nvidia.ko for the first time; the use counts jumps from 0 to 4 according to lsmod):

Sep 12 14:49:05 isis kernel: [ 3354.395552] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at ffffc90006169000
Sep 12 14:49:05 isis kernel: [ 3354.395559] IP: [<ffffffffa02c5479>] _nv022575rm+0x127/0x202 [nvidia]
Sep 12 14:49:05 isis kernel: [ 3354.395679] PGD 61fc28067 PUD c1fc01067 PMD c1dc2a067 PTE 0
Sep 12 14:49:05 isis kernel: [ 3354.395681] Oops: 0000 [#1] SMP 
vers/NVIDIA ACPI Video Driver/uevent
Sep 12 14:49:05 isis kernel: [ 3354.395683] last sysfs file: /sys/bus/acpi/drivers/NVIDIA ACPI Video Driver/uevent
There's that udev-related event again... Are there perhaps any kernel mods I could try to get this card properly detected and loaded?


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