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Default Re: Fall 2011: My Wallet Will Get Raped

Originally Posted by ElL33t View Post
It wasn't that bad. It was very solid in fact. They were stress testing the servers. Everyone in the BETA was acting like monkeys who had their cages rattled. They started flinging poo every where. They did need a lot of work to finish it up but that build wasn't even the latest build.

This is one thing I can't stand about beta testing, people judge the final game based on a work in progress.
I stand by my comment 100%.

Do you know why?

I have been in many MMO betas. EQ1, Anarchy Online, DAoC, AC2, SWG, Wow, WAR, Lotro, Age of Conan, TOR....

From beta to launch they improved, but not significantly. Problems with stability and performance carried into the live product. Games that were pretty polished in the beta, remained so at launch (DAoC, WoW, Lotro). There's no miracle build or patch. Yes, I believe SWTOR will improve, but only time will tell as to how much.
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