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Default Re: startx causes kernel OOPS on Fujitsu D2618-C1 mobo, debian, many kernels & driver

We can add Centos 6.0 to the list of no-go's

Driver installation (280.13) proceeds fine (I followed the instructions here:, but starting X (init 5) leads to a core dump and automatic reboot.

I'm not familiar enough with Centos to be able to figure out what's going on there, but just before I get dumped out, I can see the NVRM module trying to load itself in /var/log/messages.

This seems to be some rather fundamental incompatibility between my hardware, the linux kernel and NVIDIA's drivers. Given that the nouveau drivers do allow graphics output, it cannot be the Tesla card per se that's defunct here. To be sure, I also tested the rig with a Quadro FX 380. nouveau drivers worked OK, NVIDIA drivers led to the crash/kernel oops.

I see from the other thread that some issues were detected on the Zotac board I originally mentioned as an analogous situation to mine. Any chance there might be some parallels here...?

Any ideas/suggestions are warmly welcomed!

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