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Default Vizio has really stepped it up

Went over to Sams Club today and picked up a Vizio 32" VIA XVT323SV Razor LED HDTV

It is 1080P 120HZ Edge lit LED with smart dimming and also has wireless internet access with apps like Netflix.
The remote is bluetooth and has a slide out keyboard on it. I can also control other equipment and the remote will send out those signals via IR.

I wanted a 32" for the bedroom and since we don't have a Directv connection in the room I wanted a tv with internet apps for us to watch Netflix. I hooked our old Sony upconverting HDMI dvd player to it.
The picture quality is incredible on this thing. It has gotten very high reviews and I can see why.
The sound is really nice too. Not some tinny sounding crap but a nice simulated surround. It is nice and loud too, more loud than I'll ever need it to be.
It has a lot of apps and one I really like is the Tune In app which allows you to listen to your local radio stations or tons of other ones from around the country. It also has a few games like Soduko and Texas Hold Em.

3 complaints...
The remote NEEDS to be backlit. Come on it is 2011, every damn remote should be backlit especially if it has a slide out keyboard on it.
The Netflix app is just like the XBOX 360, before it got the search capability. There's the problem, you can't search, only view and play your queue, suggestions, genres, recently played etc.
No YouTube app (not that big of a deal to me but again, it's 2011, every internet capable device should have YouTube)

I never really considerd Vizio tvs but I will definately consider them in the future. They have really stepped up their quality it seems.
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