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Default Re: Microsoft BUILD - Windows 8 Unveiling

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
That is possible with different UIs. The UI is the problem, not the integration.

Mr. MS here is of course happy with the new UI. Aren't you the one that just bought a Windows Phone?
Have you watched the keynote? I also have been using this UI for a very long time on my Zune HD. It isn't new.

. No one is being forced to use the metro-style UI. If you want to use the classic desktop, you're free to do so (but you'll miss out on the new application paradigms introduced in Windows 8).
Or you and everyone else can keep spreading foolishness. Windows 8 was demoed on 4 year old netbook with a 1st gen atom with a gig of ram. It used about 360mb and had only 30 some processes.

Its an amazing engineering feat that will benefit everyone, PC gamers included. Again you don't have to use Metro! You can use the classic DT.

I said this when it was first announced and all you chicken little's said no that is what you will get. I was proven right, and I will be right about this being a huge hit for MS. It makes the iPad, and Android look like a joke.
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