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Default Re: Microsoft BUILD - Windows 8 Unveiling

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I'm fine with it if I can set it up for a 100% classic Windows desktop experience. I followed their blog videos for a while and Windows 8 will bring great features to the PC as well. And I'm really looking forward to some of them, especially the Explorer enhancements.

I also don't think that the engineering behind this is bad. It's actually brilliant.
I'm not like you that thinks MS is great and Apple sucks. I'm open to both and use both (and more) every day. So don't pull the hater card here please.

I'll give the preview a go when I'm back home next week. Mainly to see if I can set it up to completely get around Metro. I don't want my desktop to be an App. What I want is to never see and use Metro.
The classic windows desktop is there. That new panel us is only there once you press the start button. Just think of it as a start button that takes over your whole screen.
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