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Default GL lockups with ti4200, i845E and 2.4.20-pre7-ac3

(Yes, I know, I shouldn't be running bleeding edge kernels, and it *may* be the cause of my troubles. But it's needed for full support of my HPT372.)

After having upgraded my machine with a new motherboard, graphicscard and CPU, I'm experiencing lockups in GL accelerated games.

The lockups seem random, but I've had the most "luck" triggering it when running GTA3 under WineX. It also happens with native applications like Unreal Tournament 2003, but not as quickly.

With GTA3, crash occurs after 5-200 seconds of gameplay. With UT2003, up to an hour..

The crashes are usually complete kernel lockups - All functions cease to work, including Maigic SysREQKey.

If I'm fast enough to kill X, a complete kernel lockup is avoided.

When the crash accours, everything freezes and the screen becomes scrambled. The memory corruption sortof looks like a nice healthy green pattern splattered over the picture. :-)

I'm runing XFree 4.2.1 on Debian Sid, kernel 2.4.20-pre7-ac3. Motherboard is ABITBD7II-RAID.

Crashes occurs with both NvAGP and agpart, and in both 2x and 4x. SBA and FW is ofcourse disabled. Desktop is running in 32bit.

Known bug? Unsupported chipsets? Buggy kernel? Buggy drivers?

All will hopefully be revealed.
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