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Default Re: Blank Screen on HP EliteBook 8540w with NVIDIA driver

Only marginally related to this thread but since there are very few discussions online of linux on the 8540w I'll inquire here.

Are others using this notebook with nvidia drivers experiencing stable performance now? I have been updating drivers and BIOS eagerly with every release but bottom line is the machine is still not very stable. Most crashes revolve around suspend/resume (successful suspend/resume is around 80% at this point).

At this point I'm not sure where the "fault" is. My main question is if my issues are isolated maybe I just have a hardware problem. If others are also experiencing random issues I can post more detail on how often and symptoms.

My machine is running Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit, Quadro 1800M, 820M CPU. Kernel is 2.6.38-11, nvidia driver is 280.13. I don't have the dreamcolor display.

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