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Default Re: Microsoft BUILD - Windows 8 Unveiling

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
Yes its actually an application for each UI. Metro or classic desktop. Run either or both.

I think performance increases will make this a worthy upgrade, but we will have to see once it gets out of development. We have heard news of being able to play xbox games nativity as well, but who knows how that will work out.

Hopefully there are lots of goodies that will be in 8 that will make us want to upgrade. You babies can whine till the sun don't shine about metro on DT. No one is making you use it including MS. So beat that drum till you go deaf no one is listening.

You really should learn about the platform before you speak foolishly.

Also wanted to add that MS confirmed no flash on Metro IE10 yesterday. Yes there will be two IE10's one for DT and one for Metro.
I didn't think what I said was foolish at all. I was just saying what I experienced. It felt like one UI with a expanded start menu.
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