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Default Re: New Build - Suggestions Please

Originally Posted by grey_1 View Post
You do a good job brudda
Missed this.

Thanks bro. Every now and again, I actually do try.

Originally Posted by k_ozz View Post
Well he ordered it all yesterday, sometime next week I will put it together, homework dependent an all that. What benchmarks would you prefer to see.


Hmm... well, probably mostly just try out the games he's looking to play. Find what settings work best in them.

There's the standard 3D Mark, Furmark, etc. But all that could get very time consuming. I'd just stick with the titles he'll be playing and see what you can run them at.

I guess for myself, since I'm contemplating that exact card or waiting on the 7 series, games like the new AvP using DX11, Metro 2033 using DX11, Crysis 2 w/ DX11 and the High-Res texture pack, Dead Space 2... pretty curious how that card would handle those games. And if he's gaming at 1080 that's pretty close to my res of 1920x1200 so I'd likely get near identical performance if I picked that card up.

Thanks bro. Looking forward to the final build.
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