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Default Re: Geforce FX 5700 in linux

Originally posted by magankie
I have the new geforce fx 5700, and when I go to install linux, all go nice, but the X don't go ok... I think that the graphic card are unsupported for the most recent drivers. Can you helpme?
If you are having problems DURING the installation, you should use the text mode installation feature. When the installtion program asks if it can test the X configuration say NO, and the choose the hardware (monitor, video card) that you know you have, BUT instead of choosing GeForce FX, you should choose a GeForce 2 or 3 generic. This should work much better (this will not effect the performance or end configuration at all.. its a temporary work around for installation). When you've got a working installation, you can proceed with the nVidia drivers for hardware accelleration as these guys have posted.

(choosing the generic gets the 'nv' driver assigned rather than 'vesa' because the FX card isn't, apparently, supported by nv so vesa is chosen instead. I've seen this with redhat, mandrake, suse, and debian so far.. all latest releases on X 4.2 or 4.3, however nv does work and vesa does not. case of wrong driver being chosen after probing)
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