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Default i agree

leonbrooks definately has a point.

Though in particular it is the stability of the nvidia LINUX drivers that are a real concern. They technically work on my machine but bugs mean i can have several crashes a day depending on how hard i push the machine. the OSS nv driver is fine though. these bugs are reflected in non WHQL certified drivers on windows (but not the WHQL ones where my machine is rock solid), so part of the problem appears to be your own quality control.

If you cannot OSS your drivers then may i suggest you produce an alternative set that run in user space, not requiring binary kernel modules which don't take the whole machine down when they fail. they may be slower but most poeple care far more about reliability.

e.g. one reproducible crash bug is in the speedmine 3D screensaver which comes with mandrake 9.1, it creates all sorts of pretty multicoloured patterns on my screen :-)

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