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Default Re: Sony asks for soul in new TOS

I don't really understand what this means..
Basically they are covering themselves from class action lawsuits. They are basically saying, you agree that if you have a problem with them you cannot sue them via a class action. So if you and a 1000 other people had an issue like your data got hacked, you cannot all join up as a single class and sue Sony together. You give up any right to a trial by Jury and will agree to settle the matter with an arbiter individually. The arbiter will basically hear your side and Sony's side and say this is his decision. You then have no choice but to accept the decision that the arbiter made.

If you don't install the update, what happens?
You lose access to PSN if you don't install it. No more downloads even for games you bought or pre-ordered on PSN using the play promo. No more PSN+ or it's features if you're a subscriber. And you lose the ability to play any always connected DRM checking game like Final Fight.

BTW, you can opt out to that section that says you are bound to binding arbitration but you have to do it in writing via the post office within 30 days of accepting the agreement. And it is pretty much a standard part of their ToS and EULA from now on, so you most likely have to mail an opt out letter every time there is a firmware update because each time you press an I agree you get 30 days to mail a opt out letter. Funny thing is this is a brilliant move, everyone is basically going to just press I agree, so even if some people do send in the letter opting out, Sony gets them either with the next update or even if they do opt out again, there won't be enough people who sent in the letters to even make a class action case possible (assuming of course that the current EULA is legally binding).

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