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Unhappy Tearing and constant performance decrease; GTX 550Ti, Linux 3.0 64bit


I've got a few problems with my setup, and since my own attempts to find the error failed so far, I am hoping to get helpful answers here.

The first Problem is the horrible Tearing of Desktop and Games. I've already set "Sync to VBlank" active in the Nvidia-Settings (Both Categories, OpenGL and XVideo Settings), but it does not help, neither does deactivating it. For example, when moving a Window, it literally is ripped in half. The tearing also occurs in games, flash-applets and all sorts of moving stuff. I also tried (in Games) to set the fps limit to the same/below the refresh rate of my primary display.

Then there are also some sort of Lag spikes and a Performance drop (normal Desktop!), both of them are increasing over time. I also notice, that moving windows or scrolling in Firefox is putting heavy load to the CPU (i am speaking about 3/4 load on a Phenom II X4 955).

My main Desktop Environment is KDE 4.7 (with desktop effects); when starting an openbox-session only the Tearing seems to appear, but the system load is still way too high.

Here are my System details:
OS: Arch Linux with Linux 3.0, 64bit (freshly installed)
MB: M4A87TD/USB3 (has PCIe 2.0)
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955
RAM: 4GB DDR3 1600
GPU: GeForce GTX 550 Ti
Driver: nvidia 280.13, from the Arch repository
Xorg.conf and nvidia-bug-report attached.

I use a TwinView setup, the First screen is connected over DVI and runs at a resolution of 2048x1024; The second screen is connected over VGA, and runs at 1024x786.

Also someone of you may notice that this post is similar to one in the nvidia-forums, I copied it over, because they redirected me here.
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