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Default GeforceFX 5200 Install Problems

Cannot get GeForceFX 5200 to work with NVIDIA-1.0-4496 , and I have heard that this
Version is buggy and to use 1.0-4363 earlier version.
Trying to get it to run on a Dell Inspiron8600 WXGA LCD and Fedora core1 Linux.
Also when I do a lspci -n I get a Dev. ID 324 on this 5200 card, the 1.0-4496
README file said only ID# 321,322 are compatible with the latest driver.
I can run the 5200 with the "vesa" driver, works fine.
Anyone, can fill me in on the straight scoop about this card.
If I run 1.0-4996 and "nvidia" driver, X gives me a screen that is half blue on
left side and half black on right side and locks up the laptop and I have to hit the
power down button to get it out of this mode.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Jim Tate
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