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Originally Posted by Butter Bandit View Post
In my experience, cable connections usually have a higher ping than DSL, or even dial-up, connections.

The difference is tiny, though...and your ping isn't that bad anyways.
In the old old old old days of cable (think back prior to 1997) this had a ring of truth to it, but not anymore. Your typical HFC (hybrid fiber-coax) cable network will see less than 10ms from your PC to the border gateway.

Your typical DSL connection on the other hand is not so lucky. DSL has to implement something called interleaving in order to create data parity to minimize dropped packets due to errors caused by noise on the line. Remember these still use the same old phone lines that your voice system uses; they just operate at an out of voice band frequency, not to mention the wiring can be pretty old. The amount of interleaving varies depending on your distance from the DSLAM and the quality of the wiring, but it will vary from 15ms to 50ms.

So you have to keep in mind, that this latency is just from the point to point connection from the modem to the DSLAM alone. We haven't even figured in latency to the first border gateway.

Also unlike DSL, cable uses shielded wiring from end to end, so most of these issues don't apply to it.
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