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Default Keep K7S5A or Upgrade To Nforce MB?

the topic says it all, i am using the ecs k7s5a with the newest bios and its not giving me any troubles im also playing UT2003 excellent, anyways what im very curious about, is what would be the benefits of havin a nvidia nforce mb over the k7s5a, the reason why i am asking this is because i saw it for $135 over at WTC. by the way this is a Nforce 1 not 2, as i cant afford number 2 lmao
im using a geforce4 mx 440 and seems to be play all my games very good, UT2003 runs at a VERY stable condition at 45-50fps using 40.72 drivers, will the nforce improve framerate or speed, will it make any more games run smoother, im also going to by a 256 mb stick of ddr asus ram
but my main concern is the diff in speed or anything between nforce and k7s5a (sis 735)
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