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Default Re: Microsoft BUILD - Windows 8 Unveiling

Originally Posted by Lyme View Post
That is the point, the legacy UI is going away because, for consumers, hard to use, difficult to understand, not intuitive, and bloated with everything from windows 3.1. With the metro ui, MS will be delivering a simpler, faster, and easier UI experince. In doing so they have the ability under the hood to finally start discarding the extremely old programming interfaces that they have supported since the 80s.
What so many people seem to misunderstand is that the legacy UI is now "just an app" that runs on windows. So much that during installation you will have the option of not installing it.

Windows 8 is a great improvement, and it is about bloody time.
haha, current start menu is bloated compared to the metro ****? are you insane? metro is definition of bloated, current start menu takes about 10% of screen, compared to the metro **** is 100%.

hard to understand? haha, bearclaw couldn't even exit the control panel in metro, talk about ****ed up ui.
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