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Default Re: Microsoft BUILD - Windows 8 Unveiling

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
haha, current start menu is bloated compared to the metro ****? are you insane? metro is definition of bloated, current start menu takes about 10% of screen, compared to the metro **** is 100%.

hard to understand? haha, bearclaw couldn't even exit the control panel in metro, talk about ****ed up ui.
It was a reference to what is under the hood, and not that of the UI. The Metro UI enables a very small subset of the Win32 APIs, and requires application developers to use winRT instead. The legacy shell continues to offer all of the legacy Win32 APIs, and is bloated because of it.

Bloated and bigger interface elements don't mean the same thing. Besides which, if you are controlling a computer with a touch/tablet/kinect interface, you need bigger interface elements so that they are easier to hit.
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