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Default Inspirion 8600 FX5200/WXGA is working / SBA status question

I also could not get my Dell Inspiron 8600 FX5200/WXGA working
with either 4496 or 4363 version of nvidia drivers.
I finally located and tried the beta 4620 and it worked like a charm.
(And the nvidia-settings app is swell.)
I'll post my XF86Config if anyone needs it.

/proc/driver/nvidia/agp/status shows SBA and Fast Writes are
disabled. Is this a good thing? Can I change it? What should I
expect when I do?

Assorted info:
Dell Inspiron 8600/Pentium M
Nvidia GeForce 5200 Go 64Mb AGP4
RedHat 9.0
glxgears 1990.29 fps

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