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Default Re: Samsung alone is eclipsing Apple, nevermind Android as a whole

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
That's awesome that an underdog is coming up in the mobile sales realm.

But remember, iPhone 5 is yet to be unveiled and the demand for that phone is going to be huge. Android, IMO, still has a ways to go. Still buggy and still lacking on the apps side. But again, my opinion.
I don't agree with that. I think as a Cellphone OS it has exceeded the iPhone in how robust it is. What makes it "buggy" is the stupid **** the manufacturers do with it. If you get a great device and put stock Android 3.2 on it, its stable as a rock with some of the best battery life available on the market. I don't know how anyone can say Android is lacking on the app side of things, it has apps that would never make it on the Apple Marketplace due to Apples draconian policies. Yes it might not have the games the iphone has but thats because of the target audience... I see more adults and tech savy people with android with kids (14-19) and moms going with the iphone.
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