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Default NVidia ION or ION2 1080i HDMI through Component Video Converter ModeLine?

I purchased a HDMI to Component converter, and I am attempting to get it to work.

I am looking to get VDPAU functionality. Replacing the machine I mentioned in this thread. Unfortunately none of the ION or ION2 boxes I have located have built in capabilities for Component Video Output. TV still works, and can't sneak in a new one, so no HDMI input capabilities in the near future. (Been thinking seriously about a Whoops I Dropped it moment). TV supports 1080i and 720P. Had an HDMI port that hasn't worked for a while, so I've been using Component Video.

I presently have a Zotac ION and a Jetway ION2 machines that I am testing with. So far I have attempted to use a modeline as follows..

Modeline "1080i STD" 74.184 1920 1960 2008 2200 1080 1084 1094 1124 +hsync -vsync interlace

Any pointers? Has anybody done this, if so can you point me at a xorg.conf file?

Thank you,
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