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Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I don't agree with that. I think as a Cellphone OS it has exceeded the iPhone in how robust it is. What makes it "buggy" is the stupid **** the manufacturers do with it. If you get a great device and put stock Android 3.2 on it, its stable as a rock with some of the best battery life available on the market. I don't know how anyone can say Android is lacking on the app side of things, it has apps that would never make it on the Apple Marketplace due to Apples draconian policies. Yes it might not have the games the iphone has but thats because of the target audience... I see more adults and tech savy people with android with kids (14-19) and moms going with the iphone.
To each his own. I want a phone I can take out of the box and get a good, smooth experience and stability. After having a Droid, rooting, trying hundreds of ROMs and kernels, and tons of hours tinkering, I'm done with a complicated phone OS that doesn't give me the results I want.

When I bought my wife an iPhone, it was day and night how much better iOS was than Android. I could actually type quickly, not have a laggy keyboard and lots of corrections. And even after 4 months of heavy use by my wife, the phone is still as fast and stable as it was out of the box. That's what I want.

December cannot come fast enough. Dang you VZW and your upgrade rules!
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