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Default crazy ut2003 and nforce problem

hey all,

Upon instalation of ut2003 on my slackware 9.1 box, I noticed that whenever I try and join a multiplayer game on the inet, my frame rate drops down considerably.

On a normal occasion for example, playing in a self hosted game, i get very decent rates, about 60-70fps, but the funny thing is, whenever i join a multiplayer game the frame rate drops down to about 20fps.

I have absolutely no clue what could be causing this, because I can recall being able to play just fine a couple of reformats ago. And since it seams to be in the middle of a potential graphics problem and system problem, lol i dont know where to start.

slackware 9.1 2.4.22
all nvidia based drivers are at the latest

asus 87n8x
geforce 3
sb live
512 pc2700
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