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Default Re: The best, free cpu benchmark

Originally Posted by Johnny C View Post
Intel Burn don't need any of the other stuff. I've had my o/c pass both prime and occt and still fail Intel Burn Test, plus it's way way quicker than either of the other two. I run it on standard while initially finding settings, then maximum to test stability for daily use.

It also generates 2-3'C more max temp than any other test I've tried.

Thanks Johnny C - Yep, I'll be using that for stability testing. I'm mainly interested in seeing where the point of diminishing returns is with this proc, and call it a day there. My E8400 really didn't show much performance wise once I hit 3.8 or more with it, so i'm kind of expecting to see the same here principle at play with this one.

I'm just interested in squeezing performance out of it mainly. Once I hit that point where more Mghz doesn't add much I'll back it off a bit and use that.

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