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Default Re: Samsung alone is eclipsing Apple, nevermind Android as a whole

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
To each his own. I want a phone I can take out of the box and get a good, smooth experience and stability. After having a Droid, rooting, trying hundreds of ROMs and kernels, and tons of hours tinkering, I'm done with a complicated phone OS that doesn't give me the results I want.

When I bought my wife an iPhone, it was day and night how much better iOS was than Android. I could actually type quickly, not have a laggy keyboard and lots of corrections. And even after 4 months of heavy use by my wife, the phone is still as fast and stable as it was out of the box. That's what I want.

December cannot come fast enough. Dang you VZW and your upgrade rules!
wow, some people just need to leave things alone.

my atrix is only rooted because i wanted titanium backup and adfree app. and its faster then my friends iphone 4 at similar tasks.

unexperienced user messings with things can just make things worse.
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