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Default GT 555M with PCI ID 0x0DEB

I've been looking for a powerful notebook with NVidia card and almost decided to obtain Lenovo Y570 with GT555M.
But unfortunately I've found out that the card is not supported by Linux NVidia driver. It has Device PCI ID: 0x0DEB,
and supported ones are 0x0DCD and 0x0DCE. So, the only way to run graphical interface in linux is to switch
to Intel HD 3000 or to use low performance "nouveau" driver, which isn't a good solution.
I like this notebook, and I can suffer poor performance for a certain amount of time, but I have to be sure that
sometimes in bright shiny future I'll get fast and fully-featured Linux desktop powered by GT 555M NVidia card.

Q: Are there any plans to implement support for GT 555M/0x0DEB in the near future?

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