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Default Re: nVidia Optimus Questions

Is Bumblebee stable and does it work well?
I'm not too fond of Asus laptops, but if they have a hardware switch then I guess they're worth taking a closer look..
I really think the hardware switch is the way to go.. On the AMD side, they've got a hardware switch on all their laptops that I've ever seen.. You need to restart Xorg to switch GPUs, but it's no big deal..

I've been researching how Optimus works and it looks like the display of the laptop is hooked up to the output of the Intel graphics chip and the nVidia chip feeds data to the Intel graphics chip which it just passes to the display.. The nVidia chip itself doesn't have any displays plugged into it and I guess that's the problem... I suppose the Asus hardware switch is capable of hooking the video out up directly to the nvidia graphics chip which I think is the way to go due to current limitations of Xorg.

Bumblebee is neat, but it comes off to me as a hack-job to get around serious limitations in Xorg.. There are plans to fix Xorg so it's Optimus friendly, but that could take a year before it's stable and trickles down to the major distros.

It really bothers me that nVidia didn't require a hardware switch in every laptop sold.. I think they really dropped the ball there.. It's pretty clear that Optimus is designed and built around Windows and nothing else..
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