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Default Re: PS3 Games

These are some of my favorites and some you already have
They are not in order from best to worst.

God of war 3. Great game as are the previous games so get those too but you can't really be sympathetic with Kratos this time around, he's just an ass.
Combat is fun and cool boss fights, no re-using of textures in the scenery, which makes for a pretty and varying game with great vistas. If you enjoy this type of game then I would suggest you also pick up Conan, it's a bit older so you should find it cheap but is a very nice God of war clone. The voice acting is bad as Ron "war never changes" Perlman just doesn't do Conan very good. The combat however is fun, brutal and rewarding with the counter system.
Avoid Golden Axe beast rider, total crap game though I did finish it and unlocked all the weapons.

Uncharted 1 and 2. Few games top these ones. Must have for every ps3 owner.

Demons Souls. This is a fun and difficult game but it's never unfair. You will die a lot at first but once you get into the mindset and start playing by the rules then it really shines. It reminds of the old Kings field series which I enjoyed a lot too both on ps1 and ps2, those games you either hated or loved, no middle ground. This one is more accessible and you can create what ever character build you want. Looks good too.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 and 2. Now these are fun I think. Also difficult but not in the same way as Demons Souls, here you need fast reflexes, memorize combos and boss patterns. Once you learn how to play the game you become a killing machine and the action is fast. Heck it's even fun to watch a good player play them. From a pure combat perspective i think this game is better then God of War which is far too easy to just button mash through. In Ninja Gaiden if you button mash you get punished fast so in other words it rewards skillful play
Good music too and just enough cutscenes and talk.

Mgs4. This game I enjoyed a lot. The story is way over the top in typical Hideo Kojima fashion and and you need to have played the previous games for any of it to make any sort of sense, that guy really needs an Editor on his staff to cut out the needless story crap and over the top poop/pee jokes.
While the actual game play is short there is just so much you can do on the battlefield. Plenty of weapons to collect too. Doing a no kill no alert run is lots of fun, more so if you try to use as many of of your gadgets and tricks in creative ways. I really can not think of another series that have improved as much as the mgs series have in it's game mechanics/features with each installation. Kojimas team is creative that's for sure.

Heavy Rain. Now this game I don't own my self, and that's a good thing. I borrowed the game from a friend. Its one of those you play through once. The story is good but game play is seriously lacking.
It's one long quick time event using all the 6axis features including your neighbors pet pig and it gets just as confusing as it sounds at times with icons looking too similar to one another. Between the scenes you get to aimlessly wander around your house/room or whatever and look at your stuff or do mundane tasks such as drinking milk or opening closets which only serves to pass time until next series of quicktime driven story events kicks in. Looks really good and and got good music. Very much like an interactive movie.
But it is sad that the most exiting gameplay element you get is that of the fbi agents virtual crime scene kit.

Red Dead Redemption, this game is great. Must buy.

GT5. Good racing game with lots of content, however the majority of cars are nothing but straight rips from GT4 on the ps2 and it shows with it's lower polly count and bad textures. The driving is good though and it will keep you occupied for quite some time with many races and special events.
So it's a good game but a bit disappointing at the same time. Far too long loading times!
Collectors edition isn't worth it I think, but then again few collectors editions ever are these days.
I sadly look back at the long past time when you picked up an Ultima game and got nice booklets about lore and magic with nice illustrations, cloth maps and some items related to the game, be it a coin, an ankh, a moon stone etc. And those were not collectors editions.

Now I enjoy hack n slash games and when I just want some mindless killing then I play Fists of the Northstar and Dynasty Warriors 7. Dw7 got great story which is heavily based on real historical events almost two thousand years ago in china, I really enjoyed that aspect of the game. The graphics is lacking in both of them but the music is really good if you enjoy metal with catchy themes

Dead Space 1. I didn't like the second game as much and I must say this game has got the best sound design I've ever heard in a game. In surround it really feels like you're on an bulky old spaceship, very impressive.

Saints Row 2. Holy crap this game is fun. Gta4 was decent but got boring but this game is pure fun without restrictions. The humor is good and the game don't try to take it self so serious and be something it isn't. You can also play the entire story together with a friend online, now thats a big plus for the co-op multiplayer part. However every time me and my friend play this online we usually endup in ninja costumes going rampage or trying to high-jack fbi attack helicopters from mid air and everything usually ends up in more chaos then actual progress which is the reason why this game is so great.
Cant wait for the third game!!
It's a real shame they dropped the ball with the pc version.

Killzone 2, I've not played the third one yet so I can't comment on that one, but the second game was great, even the multiplayer was fun and Im not much for deathmatch/ctf etc these days.

Castlevania lords of shadow, a little bit different this one from the usual Castlevania games but good non the less. A bit less memorable music then in the past. Very good looking art direction.

Bionic Commando. Im not really sure why this game got such mediocre reviews, It was fun I think and worth the wait. Spencer is nimble with his arm and swings around easier then spider man

Mass Effect 2. I love this series despite some minor shortcomings in both games.

Resident Evil 5, this game was pretty good, it's great in co-op.

Fighting games?
Get Virtual fighter 5, Soul Calibur 4, Tekken 6, Street Fighter 4. Fun fun fun

I have about 37 or so ps3 games on disc and these with the exception of Heavy Rain I think are my favorites I own and I probably forgot to mention a game or two I like from the collection.

On PSN I recommend:
Trine. one of the best platformers there is out there and the second game coming next year will be a must have!
Pixel Junk Shooter 1 and 2. Really fun these two.
Bionic Commando rearmed. Retro is gooood. Love the music and it even got a few hints and tones from Commando on the C64 in the top down sections.
Wipeout HD. Fast, Full HD.
Zen Pinball. Best pinball game there is
Burnout Paradise. I spent more time in this game then I have with GT5. Fast and fun but annoying announcer/radio dj.
Ragdoll Kungfu Fists of plastic. Very silly and great music. Love it.
Söldner. Good Shoot 'em ups are rare now days. Classic. I have not bought the second one yet, but will eventually.
Monkey Island 1 and 2 remakes. I played these back in the day on Amiga, now with new gfx and voice acting. Great stuff
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