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Default Re: New Build - Suggestions Please

That doesn't look half bad bro. That's a mid-ATX case, right? Wiring probably wont get much better without at least some minor modification to the case itself.

As to the normal temp- not sure. You do have the stock cooler on though. I would *definitely* use AS5 over the stock thermal grease for certain.

Kinda' diggin' the performance of that card. *REALLY* tempted to grab one my self. I just can't decide what to do- hold out for the 7 series from AMD or go for that card. This 4870 is really a blessing even considering its age.

Overall, what are your impressions of the rig's performance? Feel pretty solid? Curious cause the reviews seem to favor that CPU and I've contemplated getting one or two to upgrade some rigs for a friend.
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