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Default Re: New Build - Suggestions Please


I think I will swap it out to AS5 tomorrow, as its late. I am taking it to work so he can take it home and play, so my lunch project can be putting the AS5 on.

I haven't had much time playing with it, but so far its seems solid and quick, been busy with other projects and home work at the same time.

I want to get one of the 1100t for myself now, so I'm going to start watching the prices, I was going to awhile back but something happened, once i get one i plan on using my current CPU for a media center that I am thinking about building. I have heed that the 1100t's are great for video encoding.

He will get some use out of it this weekend, heck he may not even sleep. I think he's going to load some MW on it, so I will update after the weekend.

Again thanks for your input.

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