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Default Suggestion needed VDPAU compatible Window manager

Hi I am configuring a high performance system with Ubuntu 11.04 minimal, with its default kernel version (2.6.38), Xorg server 1.10 and some common X extensions lile xRandr, xcomposite etc. I need a few pointer as to which WM I should use to do VDPAU based decode and render. Ubuntu-desktop (Gnome based) with all the Plymouth, Unity stuff has become very heavyweight lately. I am looking into OpenBox3 - has anyone here used VDPAU decode/render with this kind of setup? As far I know, VDPAU's presentation queue creation and render functions only make calls to xlib functions, so Window manager should be irrelevant. As long as openbox3 will be compatible with my X org server version, then creation of windows, setting their properties etc and using them as VDPAU presentation queue container should not be a prolem. Am I right to assume that?
The goal is to launch multiple GPU decode/render sessions and either do frequent video switching or leave them like that for months without CPU/GPU resource/performance degradation.

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