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Default Re: Microsoft BUILD - Windows 8 Unveiling

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
Vista wasn't that bad. Overblown discontent more like it, and that was only because MS changed the way drivers had to be written and everyone's system became unstable because of it. It was a bit piggy on resources, but not an issue for NVN members with our hardware.
After the SPs it was fine for me. My brother is still running my 64 bit ultimate copy I gave him with my old rig.

My main gripe with what I'm seeing so far in Win8 is that none of these links/apps have to ship with the OS.

When I set each of my daughters up with laptops facebook and a few other sites were bookmarked within seconds

Browsers make it easy to have a metro like start page, icons and all.

The control hard is it to access? Like 1.5 seconds if I miss the icon no need for a link on metro for it.

etc etc etc.

I'm still willing to give it a fair shot after we see what the final build looks like, I just don't want metro staring me in the face on every boot up.
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