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Exclamation Major problem with geforce 4, PLEASE HELP!

I just upgraded my computer.Here is what i got:

Gigabyte GA-7VRX motherboard
Athlon XP 2000+
Maxtor HD 7200rpms, 60Gb


ASUS Geforce 4 , V8440 Deluxe

I set up the new system on windows xp professional and all seemed to work just fine until after 3 days my computer starts freezing during games and i need to restart. i'm playing in 1024x768 resolution with every detail set to high, fsaa in 4x and 32 bit colour depth.
I've tried many drivers, from the original 28.32 to nvidia's 29.42
and 30.30 detonator but the problem remains.
it started when i first installed the 29.42 and now it won't go away whatever driver i put on.
Unfortunately i hear many problems with geforce 4 cards and i'm beginning to wonder if i made the right choice after all....

i'm really open to suggestions, thanks in advance for any advice
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