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Default GTX560 with nVidia binary drivers: Poor image, looks like analog VGA when using DVI


I just bought an EVGA GTX560 1GB GDDR5 (#01G-P3-1460-KR) and am having poor image quality. The image on screen looks like I'm using an analog (VGA) cable despite using a DVI cable. The image is also cropped, showing only the center portion. My monitor and cable work fine with my onboard ATI graphics card so I know they aren't the problem.

To make the image usable I have to run nvidia-settings and set overscan compensation to 136. This obviously blurs the image and the slight ghosting (like a long analog cable) remains.

I am running the x86_64-280.13 driver but have tried two other versions (275 and 285 I think.)
Ubuntu 10.10 64bit
AMD Phoenix II X4 965, 8GB RAM
1920x1200 LCD using a DVI cable

nvidia-settings shows the resolution as 1920x1200 @ 59.95Hz. Flat panel information section shows: chip location: internal - connection link: dual - signal: TMDS. I have tried checking and unchecking the Force Full GPU Scaling option with no noticeable affect.

Other than the poor image quality the card seems to work fine. I don't have any of the newer games but UT2004 runs great on it and 1080p movies play well in mplayer using VDPAU.

Any ideas?

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