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Default Re: snb-e to give up to 65% performance boost

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
If this is the case. I may as well just stick with my Xeon for now. Pretty disappointing really.
That's about my stance. I've really not leading to replace my current system. Nothing promising from Intel on the horizon and AMD's offerings would be more of a "side-grade" than an upgrade.

Heck, I'm just hoping I can pick up a 970 through work for uber cheap come winter time. Last winter I could have grabbed one for only $85 but opted not to! Hoping they'll have the same deal this winter. Hoping it'll be paired with Intel's newer DX58 mobo so I'll be able to have 6 DIMM slots, 3 PCI-e slots, USB 3.0 as well as SATA 3.0- such a system would last me another 3 years at least.

Maybe next year Intel will release something awesome? Or the year after that?
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