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Originally posted by tourettes
See, the problem is, whenever I run Quake3 using any sound modules (i810_audio, alsa intel8x0), i get lockups in Quake3 that locks my X-server cause me to Ctrl-Alt-Backspace. This happens constantly, And I can't figure out what is causing it. The only way I can run Quake3 and not get these lockups is if i either turn off the sound all-together, or run it through artsd (using artsdsp -m quake3), which is not acceptable obviously because of the aweful sound lag.

I pass spdif_status=0 to the module because of statements in the release notes for the driver.

I have followed the directions step by step on the alsa website for setting up the nforce audio.
Perhaps that's it - I don't think Quake 3 supports a 48kHz sampling rate; the highest the 1.32b pointrelease will go is either 22kHz or 44kHz.
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