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Default Help OC with new Ram

Yesterday I bought new ram, 16GB of corsair vengence (since 16gb set of same ram was cheaper then 12gb set)

anyway its 1600mhz ram, and having trouble getting my i7 stable on them.

before I had my i7 920 at 182x20 (3640mhz), forgot the ratio, but before with my OCZ ram, I had it running at around 1500mhz, uncore was set to around 3100mhz.

I tried to go higher with the corsair, since its faster ram, but that sends my uncore to 3600mhz and up, and system will BSOD on windows logon.

i was able to get the system stable yesterday at 200x19 (3800mhz), and ram is at 1600mhz now, but that might put stress on my vreg temps.

anyone had a similar system oc experience
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