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Default Re: I need more labs for my CCNA study.. test is in a month

Originally Posted by Rakeesh View Post
I need to build myself a similar lab. I think I want to emulate the routers with GNS3 (they can connect to a real network,) but I'll need some real switches which GNS3 can't emulate.

Where can you get a hold of some 2950's for cheap? Or are there perhaps any better switches I should work with?

I know there's ebay and craigslist, but I've heard that those are frequently dumping grounds for dead hardware.
oops sorry for the late response

2950s are great switches for the CCNA study. 2960's are too
I've gotten all my equipment off ebay and craigslist Rakeesh. You only needs three switches for the CCNA study. Each switch runs about 35$ on average. For my all my CCNA labs I've never used more than three switches So you should be fine with that! I picked up a four port PCI nic for my PC so the routers on GNS3 could talk to the switches. It's very simple to do with Ubuntu. (BTW GNS3 Loves Ubuntu)

Good luck and happy networking!
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