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Default Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to get “exceptional post-launch support”

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Definitely, look at COD4. Competition is still going strong in COD4 with ProMod.

At least give the community mod tools so they can make these things themselves (e.g. xkMod on Black Ops). Black Ops really pissed me off because they didn't release the mod tools until many months later. By that time many had moved on to other games. Competitive mods revived BO for a little while, but it's dying a slow death.

If MW3 launches with mod tools (which it won't, I doubt we'll even get them) then it will be a success for PC competitive play. Otherwise, it will die quickly. It will be a success regardless on consoles.

Once Activision learned they can rape gamers with ****ty $15 map packs, they will never release map making tools again.
Exactly, i too doubt very much that mod tools will be released at day 1 if at all. However, what i am intrigued about is the level of customisation that these in game settings allow for private matches in terms of weapon class limits etc.. Supposedly Sledgehammer have taken care of the multiplayer side and have assured us that things have gone back to how CoD4 was with editable config files and dedi server files and support for esports.
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