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Post Re: 285.03: X Server 1.11.0 IgnoreABI required to work


I just upgraded my Debian's to v11.1 today through its daily apt-get update and upgrade. I also recompiled the latest NVIDIA driver (v280.13). X wouldn't start because of it/them. I searched the logs (attached AntDebianBoxLogs09282011.txt including its apt-get results), this forum, saw this forum thread, and added this part to my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file:

Section "ServerFlags"
Option "IgnoreABI" "true"

I was able to startx from my bash command line to start my old KDE v3.5.10 with Compiz. So far, things seem to work even in Google Earth, Mozilla's SeaMonkey, terminals, etc.?

Are there any updates to this issue? Does fix this problem without this work around? Its release notes didn't mention about this issue.

Thank you in advance.
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