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Default Re: Official Battlefield 3 Beta Thread

for you worry warts

EA/DICE... seriously... this is lalalalaing awesome. THIS is what Battlefield is all about. I immediately felt and heard the intensity that a Battlefield game is supposed to have. Why are you lalalalaing around with Operation Metroll in this beta? You can blow your audience away with Caspian Border, which is a true Battlefield experience. I was very disappointed when playing Operation Metroll, but Caspian Border has made me a happy person again. If you really want to redeem yourself, I suggest you put up more Caspian Border servers, and open them up to the public. Well done. Now go, and do what you gotta do.

Edit: To those who aren't able to play Caspian Border, you will not be disappointed.

As crazy as it may sound, while Rush Metro feels like Medal of Honor mixed with Bad Company 2, Caspian Border feels like a the true spiritual successor of BF2 that everyone wanted for years. If you doubted conquest then you're in for quite the surprise. If you were hyping conquest all along, then it's probably more incredible than you could ever imagine AND more. Every bit of excitement and giddiness you received from the first time you watched the first BF3 teaser and up until you saw the recent Caspian Border gameplay trailer, it's there in full force. You won't know the immense satisfaction of realizing that conquest and BF3 in general is saved until you play the map yourself. All your doubts and pessimism will be washed away instantly when you walk around for the first 10 minutes or so. You will be awestruck and I'm 80% certain that most players will have the same reaction as most of us are that got a chance to play Conquest.
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